The Facts In 2015 For Effective Solutions In Evening Dress

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Few world leaders can resist the siren lure of all that royal bling: horse-drawn coaches, state banquets, processions down the Mall, the sheer scale of all that gold leaf and pomp and flummery that allows them a brief window into a royal fantasy that many countries envy but can rarely match. This weapon is deployed sparingly, normally no more than twice a year. But it does get used. And for now, despite the protests and growing online petition , Downing Street is continuing to stand firm , insisting that the invitation to the president stands. Political and purposeful So state visits are not merely ceremonial affairs, they are political and purposeful. They are used by the British government of the day to further what they see as Britain's national interests. In 1973, the Queen welcomed President Mobutu of what was then called Zaire in Africa, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was a brutal, corrupt dictator but he was also seen as a vital anti-communist ally in the Cold War against the Soviet Union. So he got an invite to the Palace.

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