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The Labour leader said Whitehall and councils could obtain new opportunities to use their "incredible" purchasing power to support UK businesses and boost local economies. Labour also wants firms bidding for public contracts to have to recognise unions and curb "boardroom excess". On a visit to Doncaster, Mr Corbyn said Brexit presented "many challenges". But the Labour leader, who campaigned to remain in the EU, added that severing ties with Brussels could also "give us more powers to encourage best practices and support new and existing businesses and industries เบอร์มงคลราคาไม่เกิน500 in Britain". Brexit: All you need to know Labour said that because EU rules meant certain public contracts currently had to be opened to competition from elsewhere in Europe, Brexit could "allow public bodies to use local pounds on local jobs and businesses". It said this would "therefore create scope for additional flexibility" for public bodies to "require the use of local or regional suppliers after Brexit", meaning cash could be directed "back into local economies". Mr Corbyn added: "While the Conservatives seem intent on using Brexit to turn us into a low-wage tax haven, Labour will use every power possible to upgrade our economy so we can all lead richer lives." 'Cynical' The UK is set to leave the EU in March 2019. Labour also said the UK should assess the impact on local councils of its membership of a World Trade Organization procurement agreement - which the UK is part of as an EU member - requiring contracts above certain thresholds to be opened up to foreign competition. Labour has previously said that firms bidding for contracts would need to comply with collective bargaining agreements, pay suppliers within 30 days, maintain high environmental standards, provide training and apprenticeship opportunities, comply fully with tax requirements and adopt "best practices" in equal opportunities. All of this is possible within existing EU rules, it said.

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The search giant said this week that its debuted a new feature called Similar Items, which is intended to make it easier for people to buy clothing and some fashion accessories when they search for photos. Now when you search for designer shoes from your phone and find a photo you like in Google Images, Google will display several listings of similar looking shoes from third-party vendors like Amazon and eBay , complete with how much they cost. Currently, the feature only retrieves handbags, sunglasses, and shoes based on what people search for, but Google said it will eventually include other apparel and home and garden accessories in the next few months. Get Data Sheet , Fortunes technology newsletter. The new feature is similar to online-photo sharing website Pinterest, which also displays images of goods that people may want to buy based on their searches. Its unclear if Google makes any money or eventually plans to if someone purchases something via the Similar Items feature. Fortune contacted Google for more information and will update this story if it responds. As industry trade publication Search Engine Land points out, companies that want their goods displayed via the new feature need to ensure that their webpages contain the appropriate information, like product names and prices, so Google can spool the info. As of now, the feature is only available to smartphone users who search Google via a mobile browser or people who use Googles mobile search app for Android-powered phones. Google said it plans to expand to more platforms in 2017.

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